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is an international guest lecturer and fitness magazine contributing writer to Muscle and Fitness - the most circulated magazine of its kind in the world and the only Valley Forge Area holistic periodical, Lilipoh Magazines. The most recent article published was in Doctor of Dentistry's August 2008 issue. He has continuously published a seasonal newsletter, HealthLines, since 1983. Other involvements include serving as a chiropractic advisor to various performing arts companies, president of the board of directors to a professional theatre company and board member of a student-professional ballet company 1988-2004.

Dr. Saracino’s nationally published articles and interview

Concussion - Dr Mark Saracino Pennsylvania Bar Assoc. Annual Worker's Comp Conference Sept 2019 Dr. Mark Saracino discusses concussions, headaches, muscle injury, therapy, Neurological care & more Camphill Village Kimberton Hills-All Together One-Virtual Event Fundraiser Dr Saracino talks about Concussions, Migraines and Headaches Exercise Articles Exercise Articles Doctor of Dentistry
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