I value my patients' experience. Please check out how my patients recovered from lower back and neck pain, amongst other painful conditions

Construction Worker
Male Constrcution Worker

When the platform gave way, I knew it was my back. Two-stories worth of bad! Luckily, the X-rays found no broken bones. Even so, I was in a lot of pain. From my shoulder right down to the ankles. It hurt even to walk. Our family doctor, right away, referred me to Dr. Saracino who specializes in treating soft-tissue injuries. And sure enough, treatment after treatment I was getting better. Not day and night better, but good enough to put on my own socks, again. That was a big deal three weeks ago. Last Monday I felt good enough to come back to work. Not much has changed except two things: I feel great and a lot more careful.

Gregory I

Senir Male Golfer

I was waving good-bye to the guys from Seattle while walking backwards, when I tripped over the bellhop's cart. Everything went flying: me, the cart, the suitcases, even the flower arrangement. The pain was pretty spectacular, too! Right in my lower back. Recommended by my personal manager. the following morning I was the first patient at Dr. Saracino's office. He specializes in treating pain. Or to be more exact: in eliminating pain. After just four treatments 1 was amazed to be doing my sit-ups again. A little while later, I was stopped taking Advil. And shortly after that, the whole tripping episode became just an awkward memory. Now if my golf handicap could be improved as dramatically

Cole V

Female Librarian

I was carrying a bigger stack of books than I should have. And as I tried to keep them from falling, I got off balance, felt my back snap,and saw stars explode right in the middle of "Business Section". The head librarian suggested that I see Dr. Saracino, who specializes in back pain and related injuries. The doctor was very careful in explaining what a slipped disc was, what needed to be done, and how the recovery won't be a drawn-out process. I had confidence in him right away. Even after the first treatment I felt so much better. And each successive treatment brought me a step closer to feeling normal. When Dr. Saracino discharged me it was with instructions on how to take better care of myself, or be more exact: how to avoid re-injury. Knock on wood, that was two months ago and this reference librarian hasn't had a problem since. Of course, she never carries more than eight books at one time, either, Doctor's orders ...

Gia B

Racquetball Player
Testimonial Racquet Ballplayer

I was all lined up for a kill-shot backhand, when, snap! Not only did I feel something go haywire, I actually heard it. Like crunching a potato chip. Right in the low back. For weeks I could barely walk. And all the while the pain was constant.I literally lived on Motrin. Then Cynthia suggested I call Dr. Saracino who specializes in sports-related injuries. So, I called, and he saw me that afternoon.Almost immediately the pain started to ease. After the fifth Visit my recovery was complete. And you know what I did on the way home? I stopped at the club to brush off some of the rust. Did I win? Only both sets.

Gia L